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i rly didnt want 2 post this but ! ! :))))))) for babytobio u tit

READ THIS FIC its so sweet !!!!

kgsgweek day 5: future or travel

they decide to just answer to both names (praying emoji)

kgsgweek day 3: song or dance

speaking of songs, no haikyuu character songs????? Ok

kgsgweek day 3song or dance

excus me for a) the swiftness of this and b) posting it on the Wrong Day. i’ll post day 4 and 5 prompts hopefully tomorrow, school has been Tough as hell this week

kgsgweek day 2: crossdressing or suits

oh u fancy huh first things first im the rillest

kgsgweek day 2: crossdressing or suits

(michimiya voice) mom get the camera

i may be legally blind irl but i can assure u when it comes to these two i have perfect 20/20 vision. episode 25 was a great episode

kgsgweek day 1animals or seasons

twitter asked me 2 do furries. i actually dont know how to draw furries so this is the best i can do