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kgsgweek day 1animals or seasons

twitter asked me 2 do furries. i actually dont know how to draw furries so this is the best i can do

kgsgweek day 1: animals or seasons

tobio didn’t seem to get the memo that winter is cold. he thinks he’s 2 cool 4 the snow that he can just wear a hoodie, chill. looks like their date is gonna have to be put on hold ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



art tip #1: when u drawing expressions make the expression urself so u can Feel It. art tip #2: eat eggs for breakfast

wakey wakey eggs n bakey ͜..

#BBB Bokuto Birthday Bash owl masks required for entry

your shit taste in jojo and husbandos are shocking! rohan is a flawless mangaka husbando, while kakyoin, is a shit!